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Sunday, Jul 22, 2018
Last Modified: December 31, 1969
SMA Informatics is a leading force in development of data-based strategic planning and marketing for healthcare organizations.

In today's rapidly changing marketplace, success of any organization is dependent on their ability to accurately estimate demand for specific services.

Demographics of communities are changing, patterns of treatment for major conditions are changing, and quality of clinical practice is improving. Each segment of the healthcare industry must also adapt to growing competition, managed care, and disease management principles.

The result is rapid change in patterns of delivery of care.

Services continue to shift from inpatient to ambulatory settings, from organized ambulatory settings to the physician's office and from professional settings to home care.

For a healthcare organization to thrive in this environment, it must be able to predict the impact of these trends on its portfolio of services.

That is the role of data-based strategic planning and marketing.

SMA Informatics obtains its base demographic data from AGS a nationally recognized, economic and business information company in the US. Their staff has extensive experience with 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000 Census information. AGS has proven experience in modeling and trend analysis, which further supports their ability to forecast current-year and future demographic statistics.

The foundation of their methodology is the creation of highly accurate, geographically and cartographically consistent data sets using a spatial cartographic approach. All demographic data are accurately related to their appropriate geography. They first focus on creating consistent boundary files for all levels of geography from block groups up through census tracts, counties, states and the entire country.

MOSAIC is a geodemographic segmentation system developed by Experian and marketed in over twenty countries worldwide.

Each of nearly one-quarter million block groups are classified into sixty-two segments on the basis of a wide range of demographic characteristics. The basic premise of geodemographic segmentation is that people tend to gravitate towards communities with other people of similar backgrounds, interests, and means. MOSAIC is linked to the systems in other nations through the Global MOSAIC classification, which consists of fourteen market segments found in every modernized country.

MOSAIC is one of over twenty neighborhood classification systems built by Experian staff, whose international segmentation experiences stretches back over twenty years. Along with the international experience applied in this product, some of the most experienced geodemographers in North America were involved with the development of MOSAIC. The MOSAIC assignments are updated annually by incorporating updated AGS demographics into the segmentation model, ensuring that the assignment is as accurate as possible given shifts in local area demographics.

Neighborhood classification or segmentation is one of the cornerstones of geodemographic analysis and is used in a wide range of marketing and site location applications, including: neighborhood description, customer analysis, facility planning, advertising, and direct mail. The attractiveness of neighborhood segmentation stems from the analytical performance and inherent simplicity and understandability of the technique.
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