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Sunday, Jul 22, 2018
Last Modified: December 31, 1969
SMA Informatics is pleased to provide a multi-disciplinary, healthcare, custom market research unit, to augment the internal market research capacity of senior management teams of hospitals, physician organizations, health plans, life science organizations, medical device companies, associations and foundations.

The design, staffing and plan of operations for the SMA / Research Service is based in large part on the recommendations and requests we have received from a national customer base of clients using decision support tools and their associated data sets. The increasing application of competitive intelligence data systems in healthcare management requires sibstantial expertise in horizon scanning, alternative scenario formation and forecasting.

At its inception, the SMA / Research Service is organized to serve you in these primary investigations:

  • Market Research – both qualitative and quantitative studies, the scope of which is defined by the joint leadership of the client and the research unit. Before initiating each custom research project, a concise Master Project Plan is developed and confirmed with the client leadership. Such studies may include:
    • Literature and media reviews
    • Target interviewing by telephone and / or questionnaire
    • Focus groups, horizon scanning studies, alternative futures assessments
  • Competitor or Market Segment Profiling - independent, detailed assessments of the forces and factors shaping a regional marketing, the potential for the expansion of a clinical service line within a market, secondary review of internal research documents.
  • Data Source Research and Analysis – the acceleration of the digitization of process and procedure throughout the managerial and clinical spheres of this industry, is generating data sets rate which exceeds the client’s capacity to effectively analyze the base and potential meta data. Numerous current clients are requesting custom research assistance in evaluations of data quality, integrity, as well as bench marking services.

Each Custom Market Research assignment begins with joint documentation of a definitive project timeline for completion, plus a Report Format Plan, based on specific client expectations and anticipated usage.

The data and reports developed in an SMA / Custom Market Research project will be delivered to your designated project manager in any of the standard formats, including: Word, Excel, Access, PDF, or other conventional statistical reporting formats based upon your stated requirements.

SMA Custom Research Management staff stand ready to discuss your needs in detail. To receive a project quote within two hours, please contact us. Telephone: (804) 245-8240
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